Gesswein means quality and value. Our products include those of the highest quality and precision as well as those of high value at low cost. Service means giving the customers more than they expect, responding to their needs immediately and shipping orders the same day." These same ideals form the core philosophy of our online store as well.

Artists Advantage & Gesswein Rewards: Double the loyalty points (10 points per $1) earned on jewellery tools and supplies. Redeemable for online orders.

Bonus: additional 10% off your first order. Everything for your jewellery business.


The Shiny Company

Discounted wholesale pricing on gemstones.

The Shiny Company scours the world for interesting products including semi-precious stones, minerals, gemstones and jewellery. The Shiny Company shop is owned by Stuart Constable in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Stuart has a wide variety of supplies to choose from for your jewellery business.

Stuart is also a great resource for information about jewellery production, supplies and the craft show business. He is very approachable and offers free advice and knowledge for the Artists Advantage members.